5 tips for international students Moving to the UK

If you have chosen the UK as your study abroad destination then you have indeed made the right choice which is a step forward to a remarkable future. Coming into the UK as a new student can be very overwhelming due to the new environment and other stressful activities you have to deal with in other to make your application a success. If you have gotten an admission and visa then as an international student its important you consider these few tips.

Plan your funding. It is necessary you have a substantial amount of money in your account that will last for the first few months. It is a very terrible experience to go broke when in a new environment. So to avoid such unforeseen circumstance, make a budget that is reasonable and stick to it. However, there are loans and bursary allowance students can lean on but on the long run, these loans will always come back to haunt you and they are usually not available for international students. For your visa application to be successful, you'll however need to provide evidence that you can cover this cost of living expenses. When you arrive in the UK, there will be a lot of fancy objects you think you will need but be financial conscious and spend on only important things.

Prepare for the British life. The UK is very diverse and filled with other international students from different specs of life so it is very possible you won’t be the only international student in your institution. The UK can be very cold so it is necessary you park along boots and winter clothes to help you combat the weather. Basically, come prepared and avoid finding yourself in pitiful situation.

Get your student accommodation. As a student, you can either stay on campus or get an accommodation off campus. Both options have its pros and cons and it’s important you weigh in both sides before choosing. The on campus accommodation can either come with a meal plan and shared room. While for the off campus accommodation you can also share a room with a friend or family but you will have to buy your food and other utilities yourself. Most importantly is to get a room and one that is affordable and comfortable for you.

Set up a bank account. You can’t always depend on the little cash you have with you. When you arrive in the UK, its important you set up your bank account and to do that you will need a valid international passport, a valid visa, proof of UK address, proof of address in your home country, proof of student status and of course proof of income which can be carried out in an interview to establish you can maintain the account.

Figure out public transport. As an international student just arriving the UK, it is not wise of you to get yourself a car even if you have one in your home country. Asses the environment and means of transport first. The most common form of transport are the trains and busses which are very comfortable. All cities will have a local bus service which is often the most convenient way of travelling around a city and check out the distance from your campus to your home to know if you will need to invest in student bus pass.

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