There are many unemployed graduates today and I have never heard a single person say job hunting, resumes, interviews and applications are fun because it can be depressing and tiring, it is therefore important to start preparing for the future while still at the university. It is however not easy to deal with school work and meeting deadlines but the good news is that there are a lot of fun things one can engage in while at school to boost your chances of being employable in the future.



While studying, it is advisable you join student clubs and societies. It will be a plus to your resume if you participate in debate societies or get involved in events as it is a way of demonstrating and building your valuable skills. It also shows you are a good team member that is capable of working and communicating with other individuals. This tip comes in handy most especially in an interview. It is also advisable to start your own student community or society if you notice any gap in the extra-curricular market of your institution.

As a student, it’s important to start building your contact and networking. It’s never too early to familiarize with your lecturers and other important student bodies in your institution. These individuals are capable of putting a word or two for you when applying for a job in the future. They are best capable of telling your employer your strength and capabilities and their opinions are held in high regard by your employer

Starting a business at the university level can be rally time consuming but it is a way of building yourself for the future. You can take time and start a business or project and this is a huge talking point for the interview stage as it proves you to be an entrepreneur that will go the extra mile to get things done.

During your free time or short holiday breaks, you can volunteer at a charity, event or foundation. Aside it been for a good course, it is also something to add to your CV which will increase your employability rate.

Getting a part-time job like a Saturday one is also a way of broadening your mind set about businesses. You can get a part-time job at an eatery or even supermarket. This will teach you a lot about organizing and how to maintain a business.

Instead of been idle or always hanging out with friends during summer breaks and long holidays, securing a job or internship will be very healthy for your CV. It will also help you in choosing what you want to do in your career as well as providing quality experience that can be added in your CV. And most employer will rather pick a fresh graduate with at least a year work experience than one with none. Some of these internships do not pay well and most do not even pay at all but what is important is the experience and knowledge you get from that organization.

Aside learning English language in the university, it will be very impressive on you if you could speak another language like French, Spanish or German. Technology has made learning other languages easy and accessible as there are apps that teach them. One can also go to a French or German school or lesson during the break to perfect the languages. In the world today, so many employers and business owners are expending into non-English territory and are searching for people who are fluent in such languages.

It is important as a student you learn how to write a CV. There are so many apps one can use to learn or even the internet is great teacher in this aspect. Organize and make your CV neat and very presentable as it allows you to keep stock of what you got to offer and fill in the gaps with the necessary experience or qualification. When writing your CV it’s important you add your skills, work experience, educational qualifications, certificates and achievement and of course your contact details.

There are numerous ways traveling makes you more attractive to future employers but most importantly it broadens your mind and lets you get used to conversing with people from different cultures and countries. So during your undergraduate level, pick up a habit of travelling to places.

And most importantly as you keep yourself busy with extracurricular activities don’t forget to study hard and read your books. Finishing university with good grades will portray you as an intelligent individual that is goal driven to employers.

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