5 things every student should do when they start university

Most student tend to have misplaced priorities when they start university. They tend to shift their focus on the wrong things rather than important actions that will make their stay worthwhile and prepare their future career. When you are new to an environment, you should calm down and asses that environment, know the tradition of the institution, familiarize yourself with your tutors and with school events. However, when school begins one can easily get into the routine of rigorous school work and going to classes that you will forget to have fun and make good use of the opportunities that comes at the university level. As you get along with course work and assignments, don’t forget to take into consideration the 5 points listed below.


Communicate. Don’t be a loner in the university. This can’t be said any less, mix up with your peers and talk to them. The university level is the best place to start building your network which will help in your future endeavours. You will find yourself surrounded by different people with different tradition from yours, talk to them and learn about their culture and most importantly build friendships.

Join some societies. Joining a society is a great way to meet like-minded people, while also getting to do something you love or learning about something new. You can join the debate, music, drama or public speaking team, by this way you can get to meet more people and also have something to add to your CV.

Familiarize with your tutors. Your lecturers and tutors are always ready to help and they are the most reliable people you can bring your school challenges to. If you are struggling with school work or feel intimidated about a course, go straight to your lecturers and they will be ever willing to put you through.

Explore your new environment. When orientation starts, don’t stay back in your hostel or room rather go with your peers and get to know about the school. Take time out to explore your environs, and discover what makes the place that is going to be your new home for the next few years special. You can start by looking online, but there’s really no substitute for actually stepping out there and experiencing social spaces and cultural venues.

Get ahead on your reading. Academically, it’s important you always read before and after a class. This is necessary because school work can be very hectic and piling up your reading till test or exam period will make assimilation really difficult.

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