How To Study in the UK in 5 Easy Steps

Thousands of international students study in the UK each year, making studying in the UK the number one choice for international students in the world, The UK is a beautiful and accommodative country with its blend of culture and tradition, getting admission there is not so cumbersome like some other countries, so if you need assistance we are here to show you how to study in the UK by following these 5 simple steps.

Decide where to study: choosing where to study seems to be very hard for applicants as the UK is filled with over 100 universities and colleges majority of which are well recognised, affordable and unique. When choosing where to study it is necessary you take into consideration the city and living expenses. However searching for schools has been made easy with the use of search engines or with the help of well recognized agents. It is important to know that any university you are searching for should be registered on tier 4 sponsors as only those university are eligible for student visa.

Applying to a University: after you have considered the city you will love to stay in and also chosen your desired university, the next step is to apply to the university. When applying, it is necessary you take into consideration the documents required by the school. Most school ask for an English language test while other don’t depend on your fluency and home country. It is also necessary you know your course is been offered in that university and the tuition fee is one you can afford. And most importantly it is necessary you follow all instruction stated in the schools website and check for the deadline and apply before the stated deadline for your course.

Obtaining your student visa: students often wide this stage to be the big deal but the key to a successful visa application is to have the right and required documents and also be as honest and plain as possible. If you are not too sure of the type of visa you need then it is better you check the UK government designated website. All necessary information pertaining to how to obtain your visa is stated there. For a successful visa application, you will need to provide your offer letter, confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS), proof of English proficiency, proof of financial support and your tuberculosis test result. Once all these documents are available, then you can begin your application online.

Fees and funding: generally, UK universities have an average tuition fee of £12,000 and above but the fees depend on your course of study. However, if funding is an issue, there are a lot of scholarship available but are usually very competitive. While studying, you can also work if your visa permits you. There are always rules concerning working while studying so its important you understand it well so as to avoid the penalty or being deported.

Accommodation: having received your university and student visa, the next stage is getting your accommodation. There are now so many websites you can book your accommodation but the key fact is getting one that is very affordable. However, there is a fantastic scope of university accommodation alternatives in the UK, ranging from shared dormitories and university halls to private flats one will always find his/her desired place.


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